Australia's Top 8 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Australia’s Top 8 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

In Australia, the demand for technical know-how is greater than ever. According to the Australian government, the technology sector is expected to grow at a rapid pace. It is projected that IT investment would reach AU $109 billion in 2022 and expand globally by 5.5% in 2023. But there is a severe lack of qualified experts, which causes a $3.1 billion yearly digital skills gap for Australian businesses. High incomes are available for individuals with the necessary abilities and expertise due to the low supply and high demand. Thus, if you’ve been thinking about upskilling, this is the ideal time. These are currently eight of the highest-paying IT positions available in Australia:

Front-End Programmer
The tech industry is expected to witness a notable surge in front-end development in the coming years. These developers specialise on the user-facing elements of websites and web applications, necessitating a solid understanding of technologies such as Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and.Net. The average pay for front-end developers in Australia is AU $90,000, whereas it is NZ $77,500 in New Zealand.

Developer for Mobile
Given that users spend four to five hours a day on applications, there is still a high need for qualified mobile developers. Android developers can make more than AU $101,380 in Australia, whereas iOS developers can make more than AU $102,133. This need will only increase as long as smartphones are an essential part of everyday life.

Engineer for the Cloud
Given how much software is used by businesses to run their operations, there is a huge demand for cloud developers. With the goal of optimising software performance, these experts create, plan, manage, and maintain computer solutions. Australian cloud engineers may expect to make $110,000 on average per year, but New Zealanders can only expect to make $100,000.

Manager of Products
Product managers supervise the development and entire lifetime of new products, from conception to introduction to the market. They are essential to the effective performance and delivery of goods. Lead product managers in Australia can make up to AU $150,000 annually, while experienced product managers can make up to AU $120,000.

User Experience Designer
The fascinating topic of user experience design combines psychology, business, and technology. The need for UX designers has increased as customers get more discriminating. These experts take care of wireframing, prototyping, testing, user research, and user journey design. UX designers make approximately NZ $80,000 annually in New Zealand, compared to an average of AU $90,000 in Australia.

Architect for IT Security
IT Security Architects are essential in a time when data security is critical. They create solutions that shield businesses against data theft and cyberattacks. Due to the specialised knowledge needed, Australian IT Security Architects are paid highly; on average, they make AU $162,500 a year.

Australia's Top 8 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Data Scientist
Since data is now essential to decision-making, data science is one of the most fascinating areas of technology. To extract important insights for firms, data scientists mine enormous datasets. Data scientists can make anywhere from AU $110,000 to AU $140,000 per year in Australia, and approximately NZ $90,000 in New Zealand.

Architect for IT Systems
The internal information networks of a business are created, developed, and maintained by IT systems architects. Proficiency in computer science, industry-specific training, and expertise coordinating development and operations are prerequisites for this challenging position. IT systems architects in Australia can make about AU $150,000 a year, while those in New Zealand make NZ $97,947.

The tech industry is changing quickly; employment is growing at a rate that is 2.6 times faster than the whole economy. Take a look at one of these well-paying tech jobs if you want to get into this exciting industry. There are many different job routes accessible, regardless of your interests in coding, cybersecurity, project management, or data science. Are you prepared to embrace the tech revolution and upskill? Contact Learning People to locate the ideal course for you!





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