High-Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

High-Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Greetings, fellow fans of the winter season! The holiday season is almost here, so now is the time to make a wish list. Invest in some smart home gadgets for your flat this year. Just picture yourself living in the future, able to command the world around just by speaking into your phone or using your voice. Automating routine chores like setting the temperature for when you get up or locking the door behind you can be a huge help with these smart devices.

At Greystar, we want your home to be as functional and pleasant as possible. Take a look around with me as I show you some smart home products that would be perfect for a flat this holiday season.

Front Door: Electronic Lock
It’s often believed that smart door locks can’t be used in flats due to the fact that they modify the lock. But there are cases where that isn’t relevant! Try to find locks that allow you to retain the same keys or conversion kits. These upgrades install a mechanism within the door that allows you to open the deadbolt without removing the existing exterior lock. In this manner, both you and your landlord will be able to use the same key. Making home security a snap, Kwikset offers a fantastic conversion kit that is compatible with smart devices like Alexa and Apple Watches.

Entryway: Intelligent Thermostat
The energy savings from installing a smart thermostat more than cover the initial cost. If you want them to cool down when you’re outside and warm up before you get up, for example, they can do it automatically according to your schedule. Smart thermostats remember your preferences, adjust to the weather, and can be managed from your phone, unlike ordinary programmed thermostats. You may be eligible for rebates from your utility company if you install the Nest Learning Thermostat, which is highly recommended.

High-Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays
Smart Scale for the Kitchen
Baking is an art form, while cooking is more of a hobby. Use a smart scale instead of cups for accurate measures. By linking to your phone, the Drop Scale ensures precise ingredient weighing while providing recipe instructions and alternative recommendations. In the event that you forget an ingredient or have dietary constraints, this is an ideal solution.

The Smart Speaker in the Dining Area
Use a smart speaker to create the ideal atmosphere for your dinner parties. Put a smart speaker in place of your phone or stereo and listen to music wirelessly. With support for both Google and Amazon’s Alexa, the Sonos One stands out among these gadgets, which vary in price and quality. A modest investment can have a significant impact on the ambiance of your home.

Room: Intelligent IR Control Centre
Although not every device in your home may be considered “smart,” an intelligent IR control hub can help. It syncs with your phone and works with infrared remotes for older devices. Transform your non-connected TV into a smart one with the cheap Broadlink control hub and Alexa compatibility.

Home: Intelligent Lighting
When it comes to the bedroom, smart lights are truly revolutionary. Instead of getting out of bed, you can change the lights to match your mood or the task at hand. If you want to read in bed or get your room in order, turn down the lights. Additionally, they have the option to be turned off automatically in case someone forgets. Popular choices include Philips Hue lighting, but Amazon also has more affordable alternatives.

High-Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Lavatory: Intelligent Voice Assistant
Your morning routine can run more smoothly with the help of a smart voice assistant in the bathroom. There are plenty of things to do while washing your face or brushing your teeth: inquire about the forecast, read the news, or listen to your preferred podcast. One more thing it’s perfect for: shower concerts with music controls. Pick the one that works best with your setup; both Google and Amazon have great possibilities.

Greystar is a business that offers smart home technology recommendations to help you maximise your living area. Why not splurge on a smarter home this Christmas season for all the comfort and convenience it may provide? Cheers to the holidays and to some frugal spending!

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