Subtitle Feature for Instagram Stories

New Feature for Instagram Stories!

Instagram, the most popular photo and video sharing application today, is the platform where we spend the most time during the day. The most popular feature is stories. Instagram developers have recently implemented a new feature for stories. That's also the subtitle feature. So what exactly does this new feature do? To put it simply, the conversations in the videos you publish in your stories will be deciphered instantly. Conversations that are instantly converted into written text will be published in a subtitle sticker under your stories. It seems to be very useful, especially for easier understanding of conversations in stories in foreign languages.

Reels Videos and Stories are among the most popular features in the Instagram application. That's why the developers of the application are working non-stop to add new features to Stories and produce more innovative ideas. The story area, which receives the majority of total Instagram interaction, attracts the attention of more users with each new feature. Judging by the reactions and comments, this new subtitle feature seems to have already been greatly appreciated.

New Favorite Feature of Stories: Subtitle Stickers

Instagram developers have now introduced a subtitle sticker in the story area that automatically deciphers your conversations and turns them into written text. Instagram, which has recently announced all the innovations on its Twitter account, also announced this feature recently and aroused great curiosity.

Not Available in All Countries

Announcing the new feature, Subtitle Sticker, Instagram tested it in the pilot regions it determined, as it did with its other innovations. This feature, which is currently only available in a few selected countries, is expected to become available in other countries soon. Moreover, according to another good news given by Instagram administrators, this feature will soon be available in Reels videos as well.

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