Facebook and Instagram Will Make Dollars

Instagram and Facebook Will Make Dollars

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are working on a brand new platform that will improve brand collaboration between influencers and their followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that they are trying to develop a fairer system in favor of content creators with few followers, and that with the new application they will offer, they will also pay in dollars to influencers with few followers who produce quality content.

Speaking in a live broadcast with Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, Zuckerberg talked about a new idea that will strengthen e-commerce in social media, which has gone beyond being an entertainment medium and is an indispensable part of economic life today. Zuckerberg gave the good news to content creators and users that they will open “creative shops” on Facebook and Instagram.

According to the information received, it was learned that Facebook and Instagram will develop a partnership system for influencers (content producers) that will allow them to provide discounts on sales of the products they recommend to their followers.

In this model, which is a very new development for the IT world, it is still a matter of curiosity how much content producers will earn or when the application in question will be implemented.

Payment in Dollars, Including Accounts with Low Followers

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri gave the good news that they are trying to develop a more fair system in favor of content creators with fewer followers. Under normal circumstances, accounts with a high number of followers earned a lot of income, while accounts with fewer followers earned less, no matter how high-quality content they produced. However, Mosseri said that they aim to prevent this unfair situation thanks to the new application they will offer. He stated that they want to pay influencers in dollars, even if they have a small number of followers.

It is currently unknown when this new application, which is exciting for people in countries with high exchange rates such as Turkey, will be implemented.

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