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WhatsApp Increases Messaging Experience with Its New Feature!

WhatsApp has introduced new features that enhance the messaging experience.

Popular messaging application WhatsApp is implementing new features one after another to recover its image damaged by its privacy policy. The most preferred application in the world has finally introduced the feature that enhances the messaging experience that users have been waiting for for a long time.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Were Long Awaited

With this feature, available on both Android and iOS phones, the messaging experience reaches higher levels. With the new feature, while playing voice messages, messages can be listened to at different speeds by using the 1x/1.5x/2x buttons. Thus, long audio recordings will be listened to quickly in a shorter time.

In addition, with the latest update, the “@” symbol will appear when someone mentions you or replies to your message in the groups in the chat list.

In order to use the new features, the WhatsApp application must be updated from the App Store or Play Store. It is stated that WhatsApp's innovations will not be limited to these and that it will make interesting moves in the summer. For example, it is stated that the theme feature available in Telegram will also be implemented in WhatsApp within the year. Chat screens can be colored with the theme feature.

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25-05-2021 13:55:16

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