Instagram Offers a New Option in Authentication

Instagram Will Offer WhatsApp as an Option for Authentication

Instagram, one of the most used social media applications in the world, is working on a new option for two-factor authentication. Instagram, which currently uses text messages, login requests and backup code options for verification codes, is also working on sending the codes via WhatsApp. If WhatsApp is activated, the verification code can be accessed here even if you do not have access to the phone.

It will provide convenience when there is no access to the phone

This innovation of Instagram was announced by Alessandro Paluzzi, who is known for announcing innovations in social media applications in advance. Sharing with screenshots that Instagram is testing sending authentication codes via WhatsApp, Paluzzi stated that this will provide convenience when there is no access to the phone.

According to the shared screenshots, in order to use this feature, SMS verification must first be enabled. Considering that WhatsApp multi-device support will be implemented soon, it is stated that this feature will be a good alternative in cases where there is no access to the main device.

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Stage Media

24-05-2021 14:20:23

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