Whatsapp Offers Image Quality Options

WhatsApp Solves the Problem of Low Quality in Photos

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application worldwide, eliminates the problem of low quality in sent photos. WhatsApp, which is preparing to eliminate this problem with the beta updates developed for Android devices, continues to develop continuously. The details of the news prepared by the editors of Sahne Media, your closest solution partner in the digital world, are as follows…

The decrease in image quality of images sent on WhatsApp has been a topic of discussion on social media and among people for a long time. Many users were complaining about the application because it sent compressed files instead of original photos, but after years, good news came from WhatsApp.

Image Quality Can Be Sent in Three Different Formats

  1. Automatic Photo Sending (Recommended) In the WhatsApp application's own algorithm, photos are compressed and sent in low size.
  2. Sending in Highest Quality: It allows you to send your visual files in the highest quality without affecting the original size of the photo.
  3. Data Saving: When you activate data saving in the settings of the WhatsApp application on Android and IOS devices, it ensures that your photos are sent in a reduced size.

The update, which seems to meet many needs of users at the same time, will be available for both Android and IOS devices in a short time.

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Stage Media

10-07-2021 21:58:21

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