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Court Rejects Facebook's WhatsApp Application!

Ankara 4th Administrative Court took an important step towards the protection of personal data by rejecting Facebook's application regarding WhatsApp. The details of the news prepared for you by Sahne Medya, your eyes and ears in the digital world, are as follows…

WhatsApp sent a notification to its users to accept the privacy policies it updated on January 4. Whatsapp, which forced its users to accept new conditions that included sharing many personal data such as messages, account and location information with Facebook, had to step back.

Competition Board Stopped the Application

The Competition Board took a temporary precautionary decision regarding the update on January 11 and stopped the application in question. The Competition Board, thinking that connecting WhatsApp data with Facebook would provide an advantage that would eliminate fair competition in the market, stood against the exploitation of consumers and monopolization in the field.

The Court Decided to Reject

Following this decision by the Competition Board, WhatsApp moved its planned update date forward. Facebook company also applied to Ankara 4th Administrative Court to overturn the decision. The court examining the application in question rejected Facebook's request. This victory in protecting the security of users' personal data has created hope for the future in preventing consumer exploitation.

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13-07-2021 15:39:10

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