Artificial Intelligence Supported Virtual Friend Comes to Instagram, “HER” Movie Becomes Real

Artificial Intelligence Supported Virtual Friend Comes to Instagram, “HER” Movie Becomes Real

Artificial intelligence applications continue to rapidly take place in our lives. Finally, the popular social media application Instagram started working on an artificial intelligence-supported virtual friend. Soon, users will be able to create a virtual friend with the personality they want, chat and share with him/her. This incident brought to our minds the movie “HER” starring the successful actor Joaquin Phoenix. The movie dealt with the love and complex relationship that developed between Phoenix and an artificial intelligence. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Social Media Consultancy, explained the innovation waiting for Instagram users for you.

Artificial Intelligence Supported Virtual Friend

Instagram users are getting ready to have a virtual friend that they can shape according to their own preferences and then chat and share with. Instagram developers think that after activating this feature, people can easily share many things with this virtual friend, such as developing ideas, chatting, and seeking answers to their questions.

You Will Decide Personality Traits

We will be able to determine the gender, age, ethnicity and, more importantly, personality traits of our artificial intelligence-supported robot. Our new friend can be exciting, humorous, shy or aggressive if we wish.

He Will Have His Own Name and Avatar

You will also be able to decide the name of your artificial intelligence robot and how it will look. It will have its own avatar and name. No information has been shared about when this feature, which is still under development, will be available.

“HER” Movie Became Real

HER movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix, was about the passionate love that develops between a human and an artificial intelligence robot and the heartbreak that people experience afterwards. Popular actress Scarlett Johansson also gave life to the artificial intelligence robot in the movie with her voice. So, can this new feature of Instagram really initiate friendships between humans and artificial intelligence? Or would this make us as happy as it seems?

At this point, I want to tell you about another movie. From the movie Ruby Sparks, written, directed and starring Zooey Kazan. In the movie, a young writer sits down at his typewriter and starts writing the woman of his dreams. The woman becomes real. But over time, he wants to change this woman, whose name, character, appearance and everything he decides for himself. In other words, even if we decide on the name, appearance and personality of the artificial intelligence robot, this may not make us happy. Maybe happiness is about the good things that are unpredictable and unknowable, but somehow happen to us.

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