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Are Ads Coming to WhatsApp?

Advertisements have become an integral part of our social media experience and lives. There is a famous saying. “If you don’t pay for a product, you are the product.” In other words, a service that we do not pay for use has to finance itself either by selling our information or by making us watch ads. However, WhatsApp, the world’s most widely used instant chat application, has not shown us ads until now. However, it looks like the last castle will fall. WhatsApp manager Will Cathcart said that advertisements can be included in WhatsApp’s status feature. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in the field of social media ads, social media consultancy, digital marketing, Google ads, Web Design and SEO, has compiled the developments in the digital advertising world for you.

WhatsApp Introduces Advertising Feature

WhatsApp continues to look for ways to generate revenue. WhatsApp, which planned to generate revenue by sharing our data with companies in the past years and forced us to approve it, took a step back as a result of the pressure it faced. However, advertising practice is an extremely new situation.

Advertisements Will Be Placed in Cases

The scariest part of the ad feature coming to WhatsApp was suddenly being exposed to advertising content while messaging our friends. However, the fear did not happen. Ads will appear in the Statuses section.

WhatsApp manager Will Cathcart said that he did not find it right to show ads in the message box. He had even previously rejected a report in this direction.

In addition, we may encounter paid WhatsApp channels. WhatsApp had considered the idea of ​​showing ads in situations a few years ago. However, this application has not been implemented yet. Although Will Cathcart seems to have given the green light to this idea, nothing is clear yet. Another executive from Meta company announced that they tested this feature on users in one country. Still, it is impossible to know what will happen.

WhatsApp, which opened the Channels feature as of June, prefers to remain silent on the issue. Over time, we will see what WhatsApp ads will change in the world of digital marketing.

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