Whatsapp Can Be Opened on Two Different Devices

Good News for Two Different Devices from WhatsApp!

The feature that WhatsApp users have been waiting for for a long time to be used on multiple devices is being activated. The new version developed by the developer team for iPad will be released soon.

Instant messaging application that attracts great interest from almost all smartphone users around the world WhatsApp, He could not resist the users' request that the application be opened from two different devices. Listening to the voices of users, WhatsApp developers have completed their software so that the application can be used on two different devices. WhatsApp can still be logged in only from one device (except WhatsApp Web).

Announcing the projects WhatsApp is working on, WABetaInfo announced that the developer team is working on new versions. With the new version, WhatsApp will now be available on many devices, including iPad. This feature will provide great convenience to consumers who use products such as iPads or tablets in addition to smartphones. Because with the new version, WhatsApp can now be opened on more than one device.

While it is not yet clear when the new feature will be activated, it is stated that the priority of the developer team is the iOS platform. It is estimated that the Android version will be activated after the iPad version.


With the new version, possible problems regarding encryption are also resolved. As it is known, WhatsApp provides users' conversation security with end-to-end encryption method. However, while an account can be used independently on two different devices, there will be a conflict in terms of end-to-end encryption method. WhatsApp developers are working on a new security feature to prevent this problem. This feature will help consumers generate security keys so that end-to-end encryption of messages continues seamlessly.

However, at this point, there are question marks over how WhatsApp will synchronize two devices at the same time. While it is not yet known how the developer team will solve this problem, it is emphasized that there may be some developments regarding this issue in a short time.

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