Support from Whatsapp to Fight Against Coronavirus

Important Support from WhatsApp to the Fight against Coronavirus!

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, measures worldwide are becoming more severe day by day. While countries are closing their borders to reduce the spread of the virus, curfews have been imposed on certain age groups in Turkey. WhatsApp has made new decisions in communication to support the fight against these restrictions. The company, which previously prepared a special page to inform its users due to the epidemic, decided to take an important step to prevent misinformation. According to the decision taken, WhatsApp will prevent a message from being shared with more than one person starting tomorrow.

With this decision, WhatsApp users will now be able to forward messages sent to five or more people to only one person. The aim of this restriction is to reduce the speed of sending false information that will harm the fight against the virus.

While users could forward a message to 250 groups at a time on WhatsApp until 2018, after this date, this number was reduced to 20 and to 5 in 2019.

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