Instagram Web Version Is Now More Useful

Good News for Those Who Use Instagram on Computer!

While the DM feature is widely used among Instagram users, users were previously experiencing difficulties because this feature was not active in the computer version of the application. With the update made to the computer version of Instagram, computer users are now able to use the DM feature. This update will provide great convenience, especially for those working at a desk.


As part of the update, you can see the DM button when you log in to from the desktop and then into your account. With this feature, you will be able to message from the desktop version of Instagram without looking at your phone.

Other innovations are also coming within the scope of the update. While Instagram plans to adapt many features used on mobile to the desktop version in the future, it does not want to rush these regulations to avoid possible problems.

Previously, when logging into Instagram via desktop, only the liking button was available. As part of the update, the stories section began to appear in the web version of the application.

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