Innovation that Provides Convenience in the Interface from Youtube

Innovation in the Interface from YouTube that Makes Things Easier!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, internet giants have also rolled up their sleeves for easy use of applications. YouTube has also launched some applications that will make things easier for users in these days when 'stay at home' calls are made. Wanting to avoid confusion in the 'Comments' section of its Android application, Youtube made changes in this section. The comments under the recommended videos in the current application have been placed under the description text of the video watched with the update. With this change, users were saved from scrolling the entire page to the end to see the comments made on the video they watched.


This change that YouTube will make is in the testing phase. While some YouTube users on Twitter claim that they can use the new application interface, YouTube is expected to make the new interface available to all Android users soon. It is not clear yet when this update will come to the iOS application.

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