Facebook Will Show the Location of Instagram Accounts

Facebook and Instagram Will Show the Location of Popular Accounts

Instagram and Facebook will show where the posts were made and where the account is located. In the statement made by Facebook on the subject, it was emphasized that the aim is to enable users to evaluate the authenticity of a publication.

After the decision, the USA will be selected as the pilot region, and the first focus will be on accounts that reach large audiences. Thus, pages and accounts with high reach in the USA locations will be clearly visible.

Sharing the details on the subject in their blog post, Facebook Product Manager Anita Joseph and Instagram Product Manager Georgina Sheedy-Collier said, “These changes are part of our broader efforts to protect elections and increase transparency on Facebook and Instagram.” he stated.

The new application of Facebook and Instagram, which was tried as a pilot in the USA, allows users to access the accounts and posts they follow. their trust may increase it. It is not yet clear when this application will be put into operation in other countries.

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