Why is it important to get an Instagram Blue Tick?

What Should Be Done to Get a Blue Tick on Instagram?

One of today's most popular social media applications is Instagram, with over one billion users. So, what do we need to do to have a blue tick (Verified) account on Instagram? The digital marketing experts of Sahne Medya, which responds to all your needs in the fastest and highest quality way in all online and offline channels, have compiled for you all the steps on how to get a blue tick. Here's what you need to do:

What is Blue Tick and What Does It Do?

Instagram is like a giant digital gallery that allows people from many sectors and fields to showcase their talents and works. Nowadays, Instagram, which has gone beyond being an application used only to have fun by many people, has become an indispensable part of our professional business lives. Artists, photographers, comedians, traders, etc. Blue ticks, which appear especially in the official accounts of famous and successful people or in the accounts of large corporate companies, provide undisputed prestige to the account owners.

In fact, when an account has a blue tick, it means that the posts in that account and the account itself are copyrighted and fall under intellectual property protection. Spiritual satisfaction is another dimension of the job. Due to this advantage and prestige, all influencers, small business owners and artists who have reached a significant follower base want to get a blue tick. So, what should you pay attention to on the way to a blue tick?

Things to Consider to Get a Blue Tick

  • The profile information for your account must be prepared and completed completely and accurately.
  • Your profile must include a website belonging to you or your business and your e-mail address.
  • Stay away from fraudulent transactions on your account that will damage your reputation on Instagram. Never share your account password, especially with third-party applications that have the opportunity to comment, like or interact with your posts.
  • If you are going to apply for approval (Blue Tick) corporately, it will be beneficial for you to have your e-mail address in your profile with a domain extension. However, don't forget to make sure your Instagram account is linked to Facebook.
  • Do not forget to share original and original content instead of quoted content. In addition, an account that remains idle is a negative point in the eyes of Instagram. Having your account managed regularly and actively will make your job easier on the way to a blue tick.
  • One of the most common mistakes made by people who want to quickly grow their accounts and reach a large number of people is to turn to non-organic ways to grow their accounts. Buying unreal followers and likes puts your reputation and credibility at risk for Instagram. This will make it harder for you to get a blue tick.
  • You can create sponsored content to get more interaction. And you can increase the number of other accounts you interact with. Once you are sure that you have taken all these steps correctly, you are ready to apply for your Blue Tick.

Don't believe those who say they can get a blue tick for money!

The fact that we encounter the Blue Tick in the profiles of well-known successful people, large and corporate brands, greatly increases the prestige and prestige of this small badge. This causes many users to want to have a blue tick. Like every desire, this is open to exploitation. Many scammers may knock on your door claiming to get you a blue tick for high prices.

However, as we have just explained, you can apply for approval (blue tick) with a simple process through the application. You don't need to pay money or any privileges for this. Anyone who wishes can apply. If you are sure that you have taken the steps mentioned above correctly, your application can be approved. But be careful how you introduce yourself to the app. For example, if you define your account as a well-known person, Instagram will investigate whether you are really a “celebrity” or not. It will take into consideration the number and density of news, published articles or video content about you. Having tens of thousands of followers will not be enough for Instagram to see you as a well-known person.

Just because anyone can apply for approval does not mean everyone can get a blue tick. Otherwise, this badge would not be as reputable and prestigious as it is now.

Sahne Medya continues to be the answer to all your questions and the solution partner to all your problems in the digital world.

You can call us or call us to get information about Sahne Medya, the services it provides, and how to get a blue tick. scenemedya.com You can review the address and contact us.

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