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Sanctions Gave Results, Twitter Appoints a Representative in Turkey

Twitter could no longer resist the regulatory decision to appoint representatives in Turkey for foreign social network providers with daily access of more than 1 million. It was stated that Twitter, which received an advertising penalty for opposing this decision in the past months, has undertaken to comply with the regulation and appoint a representative.
Following this decision, all social network providers except Pinterest announced that they would have representatives in Turkey.

Twitter will avoid the band throttling penalty by appointing a representative

In accordance with the additional article 4 of Law No. 5651, which came into force as of October 1, 2020, companies that did not agree to open representative offices in Turkey were fined 10 million liras in the first step and 30 million liras in the second step, totaling 40 million liras.

Following this fine, social media giants such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook decided to appoint representatives, while Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest, which could not appoint representatives, were sentenced to an advertising ban in January 2021.

With the decision to appoint a representative, Twitter was saved from the bandwidth throttling penalty, which was announced to be implemented shortly. Pinterest, which cannot appoint a representative, will be subject to a bandwidth throttling penalty that slows down access from Turkey.

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