Methods of Using Social Media Effectively

8 Methods to Use Social Media Effectively and Correctly

Social Media has turned into one of the most common types of addiction today. Experts make important warnings that this state of addiction can cause serious personality disorder problems and lead to unpredictable negative consequences. Social Media ConsultancyMustafa Bucak, one of the IT experts at Sahne Media, one of the leading agencies serving in areas such as SEO, Web Design, Corporate Identity, Digital Marketing, listed some suggestions on how to use the internet and social media tools effectively and correctly without becoming dependent on them. …

The pandemic conditions that have surrounded the whole world have increased the time we all spend at home and caused radical transformations in our living habits. The amount of time almost everyone spends on social media applications and the amount of time they spend looking at the screen during the day has increased significantly. We tried to provide the socialization we needed through other channels. As we move away from the reality of life, our identity in the virtual world begins to become more important and distinct. As a result, our risk of being exposed to the negative effects of social media tools increases compared to before. There are other dangers that await every person on social media, whether male or female, old or young, and everyone is affected by them in some way. As such, social media tools appear as a brand new type of addiction.

Social media and the cyber universe have endless positive effects… At this point, what needs to be done is not to stay away from the virtual world and social media tools, but to create a correct and healthy balance between our lives and the virtual world. Otherwise, the time we spend on the internet can turn us into easily manipulated and addicted people. The internet is full of strategies that want to design our consumption habits, preferences and opinions. That's why we've compiled for you eight methods we should use when using social media.

Don't be Detached from the Reality of Life

The interactions we carry out in the cyber universe are slowly starting to distance us from the reality of life. People create unreal identities and lives on their social media accounts. In fact, we create for ourselves a bright past life that we will be happy to remember in the coming years. Our accounts have turned into a showcase where we display the best moments of our lives and present ourselves as if we were a product. This situation brings with it a number of problems regarding personality and self-perception. Virtual reality, which isolates especially young people, can create beauty pressure and self-confidence problems on people. We need to stay as far away from the feeling of following other lives and emulating them as possible, and use these accounts without forgetting that they are fictional. This will protect us from negative emotions. Especially young internet users should remember that they do not have to be perfect or look perfect.

Let's Not Expect to Own the Things We Encounter in the Virtual Universe

Social Media is damaging our sense of self with the glittering lives it shows us. It manipulates our consumption habits. It causes us to have a strong desire for things we don't need. Not being able to have these sparkling lives leads to feelings of worthlessness and depression in normal social media users. Let's not forget that this virtual world and the things we see there do not completely reflect reality. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. We should stop feeling sad because we don't have the standard of living there.

Don't Let Social Media Make You Dependent on It

It is possible to talk about three basic needs in the hierarchy of needs. These are the satisfaction of the feeling of being appreciated, accepted and adopted by the society in which one lives. These are also our weak points. Since social media is a medium where we can satisfy these three emotions, it slowly makes us addicted to it, without realizing it. Because as soon as these three emotions are satisfied, we feel extremely good. Since we all have great difficulties in our lives, it may not always be easy to feel good in real life. In such cases, we can constantly escape from the real world and take shelter in the virtual universe. However, this will bring us closer to addiction every day. We need to protect ourselves from usage exceeding three to four hours per day.

Don't Forget the Positive Aspects of Social Media

The resources and tools that humanity uses to access information and improve itself have also transformed today. Although it is still necessary to go to the library for more scientific studies, the internet has become the main source for accessing information about the practices of daily life and our hobbies. We can watch the experiences of people with whom we share the same interests, anywhere in the world, from where we sit. We can do many things over the internet, such as learning a foreign language and practicing that language, getting an idea about any branch of art, being informed about a scientific subject, or learning how to do any job. The internet, which contains endless content in many fields, from cooking to courses, from professions to arts, is an effective tool that can turn all of us into a higher version of ourselves if used correctly. At the same time, it is a very practical tool, incomparable to the mass media of the last century, to make our voices heard or express our opinions on any issue and to interact with other people. So why don't we take advantage of these blessings? There are many useful tools that can bring us to culture and knowledge, such as e-books that reduce book costs and audio books that can be listened to while traveling or doing any work. This is the mistake that addicted individuals make the most, ignoring the positive aspects of social media…

Remember that Social Media is a Sharing Tool

One of the most basic human desires is the desire to be understood. We want to feel understood and not alone. Our sadness in the face of illnesses, losses, any negative situations we experience… We can talk about the positive effects of social media in order to share these feelings and receive support that will alleviate our pain. It should not be forgotten that social media reflexes have a positive effect in the face of many social tragedies and are effective in creating a common consciousness and reaction in people.

Eliminate the Distance Between You and the People You Miss

Eliminating the distance between us and our loved ones who live miles away is something humanity has been dreaming of for many years. Until thirty or forty years ago (which is a blink of an eye considering human history), even being able to talk to someone from outside the city on the phone was a big deal. Now, even country borders and geographical borders cannot prevent us from seeing and talking to our loved ones. This helps us collectively move away from the feeling of loneliness.

Establish a Healthy Balance Between Real Life and the Virtual World

What we need to do in every aspect of life is simply “be ourselves”… This also applies to social media. Remember that the time we spend in the virtual world is the time we are deprived of our loved ones, family, friends, work and other activities. It is not easy to compensate for this loss because the only resource that a person cannot freeze and preserve is time. By creating a healthy harmony, we can prevent social media devices from taking over our entire lives.

Sahne Medya Social Media Consultancy Service

Social Media is part of the job for many people and organizations. All brands and institutions have to exist in this arena. It is now impossible to continue in business life as if social media does not exist. However, social media, which contains many variables and dangers, can create major and irreparable problems for institutions when not used correctly. That's why all businesses with growth targets need to get professional social media consultancy services. Do not be late to meet the professional Social Media Consultancy service of Sahne Medya, which has achieved many success stories in this regard over the years. With Stage Media, the future is yours, the stage is yours…

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