How to Use Instagram Professional Account?

What is an Instagram Professional Account?

How to Switch to Instagram Professional Account? And What Are Its Advantages?

In addition to being an entertainment platform for personal users, Instagram is a lucrative market for many businesses. Sahne Media advises many professional accounts through its digital marketing experts, helping them grow their businesses and increase their earnings. Here's everything you need to know about Instagram's professional account feature:

Questions such as what is a professional account and how to switch to a professional account are frequently asked.

The feature of Instagram professional accounts is that people can access all information about these profiles. To turn your account into a professional account, simply go to the settings section and select the “Switch to Professional Account” section.

What Does Instagram Professional Account Mean?

Instagram gives users the chance to have more experiences by providing different features. Instagram users can switch to a professional account and thus access detailed information and statistics about their accounts. They can see detailed analysis of the posts they share and have the chance to examine the interactions they receive in more detail.

With Instagram's professional account feature, it offers users detailed statistics about their interactions, while analysis of posts can be viewed from the settings section. These analyzes help you get an idea about many issues such as your followers and likes and plan your steps. It is possible to see the details of all your shipments by simply logging in to analytics.

How to Switch to a Professional Account?

There are some details about the process of switching to a professional account. Those who want to use this feature need to go to the settings section after logging into their accounts and enter the “accounts” tab in the profile settings. After clicking on the “Switch to Professional Account” button, you can instantly convert your account to a professional account.

Users do not need to wait any time for this process. If you are not satisfied with the Professional Account, you can easily return to the personal account feature from the same section.

Sahne Media Instagram Advertising Service

The data you obtain thanks to professional accounts is an effective tool to grow your account and increase your awareness on Instagram. Especially business accounts use Instagram Ads to reach a large number of people in a short time and increase their sales and awareness. In this way, they achieve their commercial goals faster by preparing posts for their target audience. Sahne Media helps you create the right advertising content with its digital marketing experts, graphic designers and content editors. If you want to get an idea about the advertising and promotional services that Sahne Media provides for popular social media applications, Instagram adsi and TikTok ads You can take a look at our article.

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