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Tax Regulation Coming to YouTubers

In the new economic reform package to be submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, a new regulation regarding the taxation of YouTubers’ income comes into our lives. YouTube, perhaps one of the social media platforms that people spend the longest time on, is one of the channels used by many brands to increase their awareness and sales with the advertising models it offers. YouTubers, on the other hand, earn huge incomes for themselves, but until now they were not taxed. With the new reform package, YouTubers will also pay taxes. Before moving on to the article, if you want to multiply your income with YouTube ads, you can visit Sahne Medya’s professional YouTube advertising service You can get information about.

Users who have at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube, one of Google’s services, and who have watched more than 4 thousand hours in a year, are entitled to receive advertising and therefore earn income. Apart from this, YouTubers, who must also have a Google ADS account, increase the number of views and clicks on their videos as they increase their number of views. When all this happens, the channel’s advertising revenues increase significantly.

Until recently, the income earned by YouTubers was not subject to any tax. But earlier this year, TC. The Ministry of Treasury and Finance started to focus specifically on this issue. The ministry opened a 5-year retroactive tax investigation against YouTube channel owners and sentenced many people to tax fines of over 100 thousand TL. And now another step has come from the government towards taxing YouTube content producers.

YouTube Taxes Will Be Deducted Directly From Your Bank Account

According to the information obtained, the Economic Reform Package, which is still being worked on, will be presented to the Turkish Grand National Assembly on October 1. The proposal in question includes an article concerning YouTube content producers in the package, which includes economic regulations, including the tax procedure law, income tax law and corporate tax law.

According to the regulation, which is still at the draft stage, the taxes of people who earn advertising income through the YouTube platform will be deducted directly from the main source, that is, from the bank accounts where the income is deposited.

The government, which is considering a 15 percent withholding tax on YouTuber income, will take this money directly from the person’s bank account. In other words, while the YouTuber will be a taxpayer, the bank will be a tax responsible. So YouTubers will not have to keep accounting books.

While there is a battle between social media platforms to attract content producers, it is a matter of great curiosity how this regulation will affect YouTube’s market share in Turkey. Let’s see if influencers will leave YouTube and run to Instagram or TikTok to avoid paying taxes. Or will the budget and models allocated by YouTube to support content producers be sufficient to overcome this tax burden?

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21-09-2021 10:43:58

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