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Some emojis will not be available on Instagram!

Social media platform Instagram’s emoji censorship, which was described as “a strange censorship”, became a matter of discussion. It has become a matter of curiosity what the reasons behind this limitation of Instagram, which has millions of users around the world, are. What is the reason for the censorship imposed on broadcast channels by Instagram, which is careful about application and data security? Which emojis are banned? Here are the latest developments regarding Instagram emoji restriction…

Protection Limitation on Instagram

Instagram, which recently announced that the use of emojis that contain “insults and aggression” on its broadcast channels will not be allowed, stated that the application is for “protection” purposes. With this decision, emojis such as eggplant, knife, gun, banana and 3 monkeys will no longer be included in broadcast channels.

Description Not Satisfactory

On the other hand, broadcast channel managers had difficulty making sense of this initiative. Instagram’s statement that this saving was made to “protect users” was not satisfactory enough. Some managers noted that such complaints can be reported to the “Instagram support line” and a solution can be found to the problem.

Android Update

By the way, Instagram’s new application will be available with the Android update code v288. No clear information has been provided about iOS yet. However, it seems that this feature will also be transferred to the iOS platform with new updates.

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22-06-2023 14:11:46

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