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News That Will Upset Stalkers!  New Feature for Instagram Stories…

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is literally on the hunt for stalkers. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Instagram Ads, Instagram Account Management, Instagram Post Preparation and many other areas, announced the details of the new feature introduced to Instagram’s Stories section.

Instagram, which constantly updates itself in order not to fall behind its competitors in the increasing competitive environment, is preparing to offer a new feature to its users. Instagram application, which has recently extended the duration of stories to 60 seconds, is now preparing to bring a search bar feature to stories. After this new update, Instagram users will be able to easily find one of the people who viewed their stories when they search. They will not need to go through the entire list one by one.

Alessandro Paluzzi, one of the developers of the Instagram application, demonstrated this new feature with his recent post.

The Search Bar Feature to be Added to Stories is Currently in the Development Phase

This important innovation, which will be added to the Stories feature, is still being developed. In the future, Instagram may make this feature available or throw it away directly. We will see what will happen soon.

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Stage Media

03-10-2022 12:24:11

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