Instagram’s New Feature is Open to Everyone!

Instagram's New Feature is Open to Everyone!

Instagram protects your account from being closed with its “account status” feature and informs users of any account problems. Sahne Medya has compiled the details of the new feature for you…

Instagram announced that it has activated its new feature for all users. While the “account status” feature was previously only available to a limited number of users, it is now available to all users.

Aiming to make usage more effective with updates, Instagram provides new updates to users. With the latest update, it will warn users whose accounts are about to be closed or are at any risk.

Account status will be one of the ways to see whether comments, posts, and stories shared by users have been removed for being “against community guidelines” and whether this is likely to result in account removal. In other words, if the user’s account is removed due to “community rules violation”, the person will be notified from Instagram. The removal process can also be checked from the “account status” screen. Additionally, users will be able to request an evaluation if they think there is nothing against the community rules.

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Stage Media

22-12-2022 09:26:53

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