Instagram reversed its controversial metaverse decision!

Instagram Stepped Back on Metaverse Decision!

Instagram, which is affiliated with Facebook’s new umbrella company Meta, blocked the account of an artist who took the username Metaverse. However, the account was reopened after several months.

Facebook Inc. since its founding. The social media giant, which continues its life under its name, turned into a new brand as of October. Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced their new brand Meta to the public during the connect event held in the virtual world. Zuckerberg announced that the first goal of their company is to focus on Metaverse, the future of the internet.

This transformation, which is considered one of the most important developments since the invention of the internet, unfortunately led to all the efforts of an artist being disregarded. According to the news published by BBC News, Instagram, one of the companies within Meta, closed an account called @metaverse. However, an explanation came months later regarding the issue.

Instagram Apologized and Reopened the Account

An Instagram user named Thea-Mai Baumann received a message on November 2 saying, “Your account has been blocked because you are pretending to be someone else.” Baumann contacted social media companies multiple times to verify his identity, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

Bauman, who has an Augmented Reality company called Metaverse Makeoverse, was exhibiting his works to his followers on the @metaverse account. However, with Instagram’s blocking, years of experience were put in danger. It was a terrible situation for Baumann to close this account, which he had saved for the last ten years of his life and career. He didn’t want to accept that all his contributions and efforts to the Metaverse were suddenly deleted from the internet as if they never existed.

The New York Times newspaper contacted Meta, the umbrella organization that includes Instagram, and revealed the truth behind the blocking of the @metaverse name. In an interview with the newspaper, one of the Instagram spokespersons said that the account was closed by mistake. The company admitted its mistake and apologized to Baumann and reactivated the account.

Meta Company’s Name Struggle Isn’t Just That

Meta, which was founded to bring the Metaverse concept to life, continues to experience name controversy with companies operating in many sectors. It was recently revealed that a computer manufacturer named Meta wanted to sell all commercial rights of the company to Zuckerberg for $20 million. However, Zuckerberg has not taken any steps on this issue yet.

On the other hand, according to a report published by Reuters, Meta has already allocated a budget of $60 million to purchase the entire trademark assets of a company called Meta Financial Group.

Let’s see what other events await us in the metaverse universe, which is thought to be the future of the internet. Hurry up to meet Sahne Medya, your solution partner in the digital world, to take your place in the future.

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