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Instagram is Completely Changing the Home Page!

Here are the New Features Coming to Instagram

Popular social media platform Instagram continues to make constant updates and innovations to maintain its place in the competition. Instagtam, which is preparing to introduce an innovation that is thought to be as important as the “Like” button in the near future, claims to completely change the home page. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in all social media advertisements, including Instagram, SEO, Web Design and Graphic Design, explained the innovations waiting for Instagram users for you. Here is news from the future with Sahne Medya…

Instagram continues to improve itself with new features that aim to improve the user experience and meet all expectations from the platform for a long time. However, this time the innovations seem to completely affect the way we look at and use Instagram.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said he was happy to introduce the long-awaited features to users.

The chronological flow feature that the Instagram application has had since the first year it entered our lives allows us to follow the audience we want whenever we want. Here are the innovations waiting for Instagram users…

The Flow Completely Changes

As you know, Instagram currently has a home page feed and Shop, Explore and Reels tabs. But soon we will encounter two new tabs in our home page flow. The Reels and Explore sections in the application’s interface will remain the same, but we will encounter a new menu at the top left of our screen.

In this new menu, there will be two new tabs named followed and favorites along with the standard home page. The homepage will continue to present content originating from the Instagram algorithm as it currently does, and the two new tabs will show “what we want to see.”

The Favorites tab will consist of the posts of the accounts we added to our favorites. In this section, we will only encounter content that we want to see constantly and that is shared by the audience we choose.

In the Followed tab, a chronological content flow will be waiting for us. This tab will present us only the content shared by the accounts we follow in a chronological flow, isolated from recommendations.

These new features are currently in the testing phase. It is expected to be active for all Instagram users around the world soon and is predicted by experts to change the Instagram experience considerably.

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